Seth MacFarlane’s American father! Gets a Season 19 premiere date on TBS


With 2021 almost entirely in the mirror now, TNT and TBS networks are already gearing up for premieres next year, including the return of Seth MacFarlane’s hit Hanime series. American father! According to Deadline, TBS will present the 19th season of the long-running series on Monday, January 24. The show’s comeback is just one of many debuts coming to the network at this time with sister station TNT showcasing Season 7 of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee Thursday, January 20 and the premiere of the third season of Snowdrops on the same date as American father!, Monday January 24

The continuing adventures of CIA agent Stan Smith and his family are recounted in the series which, like MacFarlane’s other Hanime films, found new life after being canceled by his original home. American father! premiered on FOX alongside Family Guy before, where it lasted ten seasons, before being canceled and picked up by TBS. The series is just behind Family Guy in terms of total seasons now, but the last batch of episodes for American Dad! bring it to the end of its previously announced renewal. The series had already been renewed for an 18th and 19th season, but it is not known if the series will be picked up for additional episodes at this time.

Although American daddy! is no longer airing on the FOX network, MacFarlane’s Family Guy continues to do so, despite the creator himself having raised objections on social media in recent days. In August, the prolific TV creator tweeted:

“Tucker Carlson’s latest opinion piece once again makes me wish Family Guy was on another network. Look, Fox, we both know this marriage doesn’t work anymore. times a year I don’t get along with your mom, well… I had an affair with NBC. ”

The MacFarlane “deal” he is referring to is a $ 200 million deal he signed with NBCUniversal in 2020.

For those who may be confused, due to previous offerings, shows like family guy and American father!, although technically Disney productions, continue to air on the FOX Network (itself a different channel from Fox News) and other channels like TBS, which previously picked up the series after finding success in the syndication on the cable channel.

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