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Whether Disney is planning another live-action remake or an “unnecessary” oneSpace jamThe sequel comes out 25 years later, reboots and remakes unfortunately are a big part of the entertainment industry today. With a slew of new reboots released this month, including “Dune, “Home Sweet Home Alone” and “Ghostbusters: the afterlife”, Now is the time to take a look at some of the more obvious remakes coming out this month.

Warner Bros. has been on the reboot train all year round, whether with “Mortal combat, “The suicide squadOr the unbearably long cut of four hours of Zack Snyder’s “Justice League”. “But these weren’t the only Hanime action heroes who got a facelift, with Henry Golding portraying”Snake-eyes“before joining GI Joe. Several horror films have been relaunched again, whether it is the spin-off” Saw “”Spiral, “Halloween kills” Where “Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City.“And don’t get us started on Camila Cabello who’s looking to redo”Cinderella“again. Cinderella? More like”Cruel. ”

Many TV shows are also experiencing a revival this month, whether it’s Sarah Jessica Parker reprising her role in “Sex And The City” in “And just like that …“Or Jared Padalecki succeeding Chuck Norris in”Walker: Texas Ranger. “”Dexter“Then new blood in a relaunched miniseries, and the Hanime comes to life in Netflix’s latest live-action show”Cowboy Bebop. “What if the updated cast of”Gossip Girl“No matter what, it’s never too late for an overhaul, even if you haven’t asked for one.

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