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My Girlfriend Shobitch

My girlfriend Shobitch is a low-key version of the ecchi romantic comedy. It uses a lot schoolboy humor and makes some dirty jokes, but tries to strengthen the relationship between the main characters.

The show begins with Haruka Shinozaki, an attractive but shy high school student who falls in love with Akiho Konaka. He does ask her out but it turns out that Haruka’s first impression of Akiho Kosaka is not accurate. She sexualizes everything and fills her life with innuendo and dirty jokes. . The story is about Haruka’s relationship, and how they interact with their family and friends. They love Haruka too and try to seduce him or embarrass his character.

Although the series is hanime down like Date Blocker centered around sex comedy, I found it to be a weak point. The fundamental relationship between the main characters is too innocent and sweet for it not to work. Correctly. Although Akiho is sexually curious about Haruka, they are too embarrassed and inexperienced not to share their feelings with anyone. So, the show often feels much more controlled than its title. As the title suggests. They go out on dates and visit each other’s homes. It is a charming comedy that is a good example of a sweet couple.

Two main characters

This type of relationship feels awkward and newsworthy if you add sexual humor. Although I did have some funny moments, it was too simple and the back-and forth interactions aren’t sufficient to make it really impactful.

The jokes involve Akiho, or one of their friends, taking something out of context and throwing the item in the air to make Haruka a fetish. Despite being the most clever guy you could imagine, The most problematic part of these jokes is the content. He tries to force people into certain molds, even though there are many issues he could have had. Masochism is the most common, but there are many jokes about Haruka being a pedophile and other references to incestuousness and bestiality. Although the series was cut in order to remove Akiho’s child sexual abuse scene, it still includes a very unnecessary pan of a young girl in a particular position and a dog kissing one main girl. skirt. . These taboo subjects don’t often come up, but I felt it was trying too extreme because it could, rather than because it should. Some scenes were just plain frightening.

Some visual gags work better than others, such as one of the girls suggesting that she rubs a broomstick. While nipple-grabbing and more physical sex comedy may seem a little bossy, it works. The show is missing something that could have added more punch. The OVA contains the only explicit content, but the main series has very few nudity scenes and no actual sex scenes.

Once you become used to the show’s goals, it becomes very boring and monotonous. The characters are also not that helpful. Haruka is too simple to be interesting as the main character and the series doesn’t really go into much detail about her. Akiho gets the most development. She tries to be Haruka’s best friend, but she is still a very one-note character.

Although they adhere to certain stereotypes, I found some supporting actors to be more entertaining than others. Haruka’s childhood friend Shizuku is very playful and makes a lot of dirty jokes than Akiho. Kanata, Haruka’s younger sister, fits well in the role of chuunibyou and acts like a cat. While Saori, the president of the Prude Class, offers a great double act with Sayo, which she often catches on camera watching other couples. Seiya, a symbol of gay, often places Haruka in difficult situations. Rina, a rich girl, seems more interested in her dogs and men than her friends, and Aoi, a school nurse and friend. Ichika.

Diomedea hosts the series, as Studio Blanc is also hosting it. While it performs well for its genre, it doesn’t really impress in terms visuals or design. The series’ colorful tone hides its basic appearance. They also hide some of their simpler cost-cutting features, such as reducing the number of students to small blocks of color. As Rina’s dog faces have been simplified to look even more alive, I am unsure what is going on.

Shunsuke Takizawa – Soundtrack

It’s not the most impressive sounding, but it does the job with the proper sound effects that punctuate the jokes and the Shunsuke Takizawa soundtrack. Although the dubbing is good, there aren’t many options for comedians. Aoi Yuuki, Madoka in Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Kumoko in I’m a Spider, so what?), delivers a dull, monotonous performance that suits Akiho’s character but doesn’t have the knack for bouncing back. Mitsuhiro Ichiki, Kasukabe , Yukio Bleach) gives Haruka an annoying, which is very childish, while speaking. Although Gareth West’s Haruka sounds better in English, there is little he can do to improve the script. The rest of the English cast is very similar. There is no difference in the Japanese tone, so it’s not that different.

MVM brings the series to Blu-ray with all ten episodes and the OVA in English or Japanese with English subtitles. The extras on-disc include trailers and promotional videos, trailers from other Sentai Filmworks series, an opening and ending in English and Japanese, as well as commentary by the characters.

Globally, My girlfriend Shobitch has been a little softie. His boring characters don’t inspire and don’t get any commitment to the show. And his sweet romance doesn’t work with the kind of comedy he seeks. Even though it lacks impact, it’s not funny. You have to worry to make yourself notice. There are many romantic and ecchi comedy shows that are better than this one.

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