Since the anti-Hindu government of Andhra Pradesh came to power, the instances of Hindu beatings seem to be endless. There has been a chain of such incidents – from attacks on Hindu temples to discrimination against Hindus. Now the anti-Hindu government has ordered the PA temples to break their Fixed Deposits (FD) to pay the dues pending at the office of the Charity Commissioner. The government stepped forward and warned temples that if they failed to pay dues, disciplinary action would be taken against them.

Has the government of Andhra Pradesh ever imposed the Jizya tax (an annual per capita tax historically levied as a financial charge on dhimmis i.e. non-Muslim subjects of a state governed by Islamic law) on churches and mosques? Isn’t it an act of levying a heavy tax on the borrower like a loan shark does?

Just for the record – In the 19 months the government of Jagan Mohan Reddy was in power in Andhra Pradesh on May 30, 2019, there were 120 attacks on temples. Against this backdrop, ex-CM of PA and Chairman of Telugu Desam Party, Mr. Chandrababu Naidu, criticized the current government: “Under the current government, even gods are not safe”. Telugu actor, Mr. Pavan Kalyan has called for a CBI investigation into the increasing attacks on temples.

All these facts reveal the true image of Jagan Mohan Reddy as CM. The final blow on the CM came when its own Party MP, Mr. Raghuram Krushnam Raju, made serious accusations about the destruction of temples. In 2021, many cases of idol bashing and temple burglaries in PA have come to the fore. There was a plan to build churches instead of temples through competitive bidding. Mr. Raju strongly opposed all this and wrote to the Prime Minister, asking him to take measures to stop all this. In an interview, Mr. Raju said that although on paper there are only 2% Christians in the PA, in reality it is over 25% – nearly 1.5 crore, and the current Reddy’s government is entirely responsible for this explosion of the Christian population. Is there anything more that needs to be said to reveal the plight of Hindus in PA?

Quick march to conversion to Christianity

Jagan Mohan Reddy is a Christian. There is a huge ‘Cross’ on his luxurious bungalow. Almost all of his decisions are anti-Hindu and his Christian roots are the basic reason for his apathy towards Hindus. Last year, the Union government told parliament that if members of the backward caste and class converted, they would not be eligible for benefits from related schemes. Subsequently, on 30.7.2021, the Jagan government hastily passed a bill – according to which people of backward caste and class who have converted to Christianity and Buddhism will still be eligible for benefits. This example is good enough to highlight how the Jagan misuses his powers. There is ample evidence to assert that it is because Jagan is a Christian that he issues such orders. This is shameful for a “secular” India. Do not forget that not a single layman opens his mouth to talk about these subjects. The Jagan government is also quick to appease the Muslims. In April 2022, during Ramzan, he passed an order that all Muslim government employees, teachers and contractors can return home one hour before the stipulated time. It should be noted that taxpayers pay for government employees. Therefore, if these employees are going to work one hour less per day for a month, the government should deduct their wages proportionally. Since the AP government did not do this, it weighed on the Hindus. Second, did Jagan give such advantage during Shriram Navami, Hanuman Jayanti. This just proves one thing: the Jagan government is anti-Hindu.

Anti-national demand for partition of India

Since Jagan came to power, PA Christians have had a great time. Jagan’s attitude is a threat not only to the Hindu Dharma but also to the integrity of India. On behalf of the “All India True Christian Council”, Father Upendra Rao demanded the partition of India in two and the handing over of half to Christians to become an independent nation. “We won’t give you any trouble after this partition,” he added. This declaration calls into question the sovereignty of India and only shows the intentions of the Christians.

Veer Savarkar once said: “A change of religion implies a change of nationality”. Jagan’s Hindu hatred was passed on to him by his father (late) Y Samuel Rajasekhara Reddy. While YSR was the CM of AP, he planned to build a huge church at the famous Hindu pilgrimage center of Tirumala Tirupati. He recanted when Hindus opposed YSR worldwide. During YSR’s tenure as CM, an attempt was made to convert innocent Hindus in the holy 7 hills region of Tirumala.

In a nutshell, the growing anti-Hindu sentiments in Andhra Pradesh and its rapid conversion to Christianity, are a serious alarm bell for Hindus and patriots. This is a colossal challenge facing the Nation. It is a wake-up call for Hindus to unite; if not, it won’t be long before Father Upendra Rao’s anti-national dream becomes a reality!

Growing anti-Hindu sentiments in the PA and its rapid conversion to Christianity are alarm bells ringing for Hindus!