In Queensland, a well-known moneylender who was once called AustraliaThe toughest gangster was found completely different.

Tim “Sharky” Ward, a former millionaire, fled the Gold Coast to the streets of Thailand in 2009 after being suspected by Australian authorities.

The heavily tattooed Kiwi immigrant has gained notoriety as the ‘Shark of Pattaya’ in the Asian country due to his towering bodybuilder physique and harsh treatment from debtors.

However, the former nightclub owner, who had left the spotlight four years prior, smuggled back to the Gold Coast during the Covid outbreak and has since undergone a significant makeover.

The once bulky Ferrari enthusiast, who has gained a cult following in the bodybuilding scene, can be seen in footage saved by a fan on TikTok losing a lot of muscle mass and growing his once clean-shaven head and facial hair.

Along with a crying emoji, the follower complained that “Sharky lost his height.”

Since returning to Australia, Ward has settled into a laid-back lifestyle on the Gold Coast and has regularly updated his more than 66,000 Facebook followers with photos of his motorcycle trips through the countryside.

Other snaps show sunrises and sunsets over the lovely water canals that branch out throughout the city.

“I’ve been rich and I’ve been penniless.” The happy place is definitely in the middle,” her Facebook bio states.

Despite his apparent weight loss, the fitness fanatic still seems to be working out, as seen in photos online of his post-workout physique and the advice he gave fans last month on how to buy fitness shoes. bulk protein bars when on sale. .

He announced in June that he intended to return to Thailand after the government dropped the Covid entry visa requirement, which serves as proof of immunization.

In a video, he said: “Everyone keeps asking me, ‘Are you going back to Thailand?

Yes, when they stop the Thailand Pass, I will go back to Thailand. Right now I’m too busy to bother asking for stupid passes.

However, I will miss Australia. The most beautiful country in the world is Australia. I have traveled a lot, but nothing has been as beautiful as here.

Growing up parentless on the streets of New Zealand, where he immediately became a social pariah, Ward’s colorful life began. His early reputation followed him into adulthood.

“When no one is going to give it to you, you have to do it yourself.” There are no parents to call on, so you have to act accordingly. At birth, I was given up for adoption. No mom and dad,” Ward told the Stickman Bangkok website in 2017.

“When I was a kid, I was bullied.” I was carried home by a boy, who was then dragged inside and the door slammed by his parents. This young man was me.

While still residing on the other side of Tasmania, he developed an obsession with making a quick buck playing billiards for cash, and at the age of 16 he entered his first gymnasium.

In 1990 Ward left his village of Waitara, Taranaki on New Zealand’s North Island to pursue his goals on Australia’s Gold Coast.

In his heyday, he owned three Lamborghinis in three different colors. He was a well-known nightclub owner and millionaire personal lender who lived a life of luxury while charging up to 200% interest on his loans.

In the mid-2000s, Ward was sued by the Department of Fair Trading and ordered to pay $270,000 in fines and $100,000 in court costs. He was also prohibited from lending money in Queensland.

Ward came to Thailand to finally be “free” after getting into trouble with Australian authorities in 2009.

He admitted to having slept with Thai sex workers in the past and living a thrill-seeking life there. He also admitted to using money to get out of jail.

I don’t have to wear a shirt. Ward previously said, “I don’t have to follow the rules, and if I do, I just pay.”

It’s one of the few places in the world where I really feel free. I keep doing stupid things, but I get caught. Jail is better than that. I would be imprisoned in Australia.

The luxury vehicle aficionado, who previously owned three Lamborghinis, also fed dozens of stray dogs and cats on the streets of the “city of sin” for four hours each night.

He gained a large following online through his kindness, which included protecting animals from drunken tourists shooting the helpless creatures and keeping an eye out for stray children.

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