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Man detained for sodomizing loan shark

Police said the victim gave the defendant money which he did not return and when a quarrel broke out between them the defendant tied the victim’s hands and sodomized her . Representative picture Mulund police have arrested a 34-year-old man for allegedly sodomizing his loan shark and […]

Tim ‘Sharky’ Ward: The Gold Coast moneyl

The man once dubbed Australia’s most notorious gangster is back on the Gold Coast, but he’s almost unrecognizable. A former club owner has reappeared in Australia looking much thinner than before. Tim “Sharky” Ward, who fled Queensland for Thailand in 2009, has long been known for his bodybuilding physique. But in a recent photo shared […]

A notorious money lender who was once du...

In Queensland, a well-known moneylender who was once called AustraliaThe toughest gangster was found completely different. Tim “Sharky” Ward, a former millionaire, fled the Gold Coast to the streets of Thailand in 2009 after being suspected by Australian authorities. The heavily tattooed Kiwi immigrant has gained notoriety as the ‘Shark of Pattaya’ in the Asian […]